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  • Five tips for E-Commerce Sites

    E-comerce sites are the name of the game. E-commerce sites tend to be nearly identical. They consist of different products organized into categories with a shopping cart and checkout page tagged on. In order to successfully SEO such a site, you have to pay close attention to those things you can do to make yourself stand out.

    Product detail pages are the main thing you can concentrate on. It’s hands down the most important piece of content on an e-commerce website. Potential customers look there for product specifications, view pictures, scan reviews, weigh pricing options, and eventually decide whether or not to convert.

    It will also have great importance to search for on-site and external search engines. Granular searches are common in the e-commerce biz, as brand names, model names and numbers, product SKUs, and brand-associated sizes and colors are often searched specifically by consumers ready to ‘buy now’. This means your page needs to appear for granular product queries in organic, comparison, product, on-site and (feed-driven) affiliate search engines.

    Also, you must take the opportunity to optimize even the smallest elements of a product detail page. Here are the five things to focus on:

    ~Make the title tag relevant to the name of the product featured on the page

    ~Make dead sure that all text is spiderable

    ~Use a good programmer/developer to ensure compliant. rapidly rendered code

    ~Emphasize anchor text, and structure headings properly

    ~Use keyword research to adapt manufacturer descriptions and provide the best SEO for your pages

    Following these guidelines will automatically give you an edge over 90% of your competition.

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