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  • Ethical Ways to Increase Search Engine Ranking

    Businessmen and website owners are increasingly looking for new ways to improve search engine ranking. The higher the ranking on the result page; the greater is the chance of increased sales. With the surge in e-commerce platforms, enhancing your website’s rank has never been more important. However, it is imperative that you use white hat or ethical techniques to do so rather than resort to underhanded ones. Google will deem your site as spam material, or worse, completely ban it, if you use unethical means.
    To increase ranking and make your site more search-friendly, take a look at the following tips:

    Ethical Ways to Increase Search Engine Ranking

    1. Create relevant, useful content

    The recent updates by Google only reiterate the fact that content is king. Create value for your visitors by providing relevant and useful content. Focus on adding value to the reader by creating high quality articles. Once you create beneficial content, it even has the chance of going viral on social media websites which will further enhance your site’s ranking.

    2. Create a blog

    Dynamic content, such as blogs, are sure to capture Google’s attention. Starting a company blog will not only create conversations with customers, it might also be linked by other bloggers who may use your company’s blog as a reference. The higher the number of organic links to your webpage, the greater is the chance of being ranked high on the results page. Additionally, creating a blog ensures that all the keywords are not stuffed on your homepage or about section. It spreads optimization across various pages which reduces the chances of being flagged as spam.

    3. Do not try to outwit Google

    One of the worst ways to increase traffic to a website is trying to outsmart Google. It may work in the short-term but can prove to be damaging in the long-run when Google marks your site as spam. Eventually, Google will catch a whiff of your unethical techniques. Remember that Google constantly makes alterations to the way it ranks webpages in order to sniff out websites that cheat.

    4. Do Ethical link building

    Using tried and tested techniques, such as link building, will assuredly boost your site’s ranking. Link building entails use of other websites that contain a link to your main website. It is a form of off-page search engine optimization and is a service provided by many SEO companies. In a few months you will see a clear jump in your site’s rank.

    5. Keep your business website on-going

    It is essential to keep your website running for a long time and maintain it for years. The greater the number of years a site has been on the World Wide Web, the higher is the chance it has in obtaining a good rank. However, this should not come at the cost of content. Constantly create quality content and manage the site.

    6. Use a guest blogger

    Hiring a guest blogger to write on your company’s blog will increase readership as the blogger’s fans are sure to read your site. Additionally, the guest blogger will create valuable content and provide a different perspective.

    The aforementioned handy tips are only a few. There are many more that you can read up on and use for your website. The internet is a vast ocean of information.

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