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  • Easy Link Building Strategies

    Link Building Strategies

    Link building plays a vital role in popularizing your website. The process of link building is not as easy as it sounds as it involves other websites which should be willing to have your website’s URL included in their website. For this to happen, it is necessary to adapt various link building techniques which are proven to be effective.

    Submitting to web directories is a good idea as you would receive back links in bulk but it is true that it quiet a monotonous job. But this would greatly help in building back links at a stretch. The best way to go about it would be to get a list of web directories and start submitting your site.

    Press releases seem to be one of the best ways of sourcing links and this is one of the latest techniques and this is one of the most popular techniques among the webmasters and SEO professionals. Press releases can be about a new website that you are launching or about a new service that you have added etc. This would greatly support your websites as the press releases would be distributed to a number of news websites and this would certainly increase the number of people who would visit your website.

    The next method is to do reciprocal linking – this is one of the ancient techniques but it still works. This is losing its popularity because it involves a lot of work but the number of links that you would get out of all that effort will be very few. Moreover, it is highly impossible to get links from relevant websites with higher PR. This is a tough path to travel for new websites. Established websites with good PR may benefit by this technique to reinforce their links. Otherwise, it is a highly time consuming process which is losing its popularity among webmasters.

    You can get links by submitting articles to article directories too. You must either write the articles yourself or hire a writer who can come up with interesting articles about the niche market. If your article is interesting enough then people will publish your article in their website and you will get a one way link to your website through your article that is published in third party sites.

    Another popular technique is social book marking. There are websites like Digg which are often picked up by search engines you can make use of such sites to get your website indexed fast.

    Forum posting is another reliable method but you need to work your way through it to get some considerable results, it is very slow process. You can add your website’s link in your signature when you are posting in forums and these will be picked up by search engines and you get a quality one-way link again. You just need to make sure that you select active forums.

    These are just some of the techniques that you can try to attract visitor traffic and to increase your back links.

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