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  • Driving Traffic through SEO

    SEO is like air for a startup online business. There is no question that without SEO, a new business on the web is not going to be able to compete with established entities that already have a toehold on the SERPs. What new webmasters run into is that they are almost never the only one promoting a specific product or service. SEO is what helps them get over the hump and get noticed.

    Think of SEO like a strategic advertising campaign. You may not have the name and budget of the big player in your niche, but what you can do is think smarter. You can find other ways to get your content in front of the right eyes for it. This is done by choosing keywords that work, but are not being hit as heavily by the big player.

    Driving Traffic through SEO The right strategic online promotional efforts are what make your brand visible. In other words, you need to drive highly targeted traffic to your website and this does not happen automatically when you launch your website. The old mantra that all traffic is good traffic doesn’t really apply here – you need the right traffic that is ready to convert.

    You can drive traffic to your website using several different methods. Primarily, this will be paid traffic and organic traffic. You can pay for the traffic that you send to your website but this is not the most effective way to drive traffic and it can get very expensive if you don’t watch yourself. This will cut into your profits since you will need to increase your budget for paid traffic the longer you do it.

    The long term solution is to go for search engine optimization services to drive organic traffic to your website. This is a long process and this too involves a considerable amount of effort and money, but this also is the most reliable way to increase your ROI.

    While you will need to maintain your SEO, every month won’t need another major launch of promotion like paid traffic requires. Many websites have managed to enjoy great success with their consistent SEO efforts because they are durable results.

    The longer route doesn’t provide instant results but it does help the most over the long run. Paid traffic generation methods such as PPC are designed for instant traffic to your website but you cannot guarantee targeted traffic to your website. What good is getting 1000 visitors if none of them have any need or desire for your product? Service like Pay for performance SEO will help you send traffic that will matter the most for your business that is looking for what you provide and more ready to convert.

    Not all forms of paid traffic generation methods are bad. You can make use of paid traffic generation strategies as a startup business in the initial stages when you are waiting for results from your SEO efforts to kick in. It is good to support your website traffic generation efforts during certain times of the year when you would like to increase the visitor traffic to enhance your sales conversions. There is a reason it has survived so long.

    You can use PPC to bolster your traffic during the holiday season, for instance, along with SEO. With PPC and other paid traffic generation methods, your traffic will stop once you stop spending money on them. With SEO, with minimum ongoing maintenance, you can continue to drive a steady stream of traffic to your site and you will know it is the most conversion ready audience you can get.

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