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  • Don't Kill the Holiday Buzz

    If you have gone to a lot of trouble to create and uphold some tasty link bait for your site, don’t kill your buzz by coming across as cheap or phony.

    You need to make sure that any thing you bait your site with is honest, useful and interesting. Doing fake interviews, posting shopped photos or telling outright lies isn’t the way to attract and keep customers.

    You need to find something that your visitors can relate to. Sometimes this is a current event, but even more often if you are selling a product you need to target people searching for that instead.

    Who is more likely to buy a BBQ Grill? Someone looking for a BBQ Grill, or someone Googling Paris Hilton? If you decide to try and get traffic for Paris Hilton by posting a picture of her grilling, you are not really helping the goal of your site.

    They will drop in, ogle the pic and be on their way. You want to attract GRILL lovers, not Paris Hilton lovers.

    Soooo you need to find out what is hot and smoking’ in the real world. (I made a joke!! OK, too much Jeff Dunham last night. Carry on.)

    If you look at recent searches, you can find references to things like Grill Charms, holiday grill gifts, special grill add ons, etc. With the Christmas season approaching, maybe a holiday oriented bit of bait is good. Come up with a unique seasoning blend, or a basket of goodies for your grill loving buddies.

    Don’t kill your buzz by making your site hard to navigate. Give people what you advertise. Using SEO to trick people into clicking on you isn’t good SEO. You want to target your buying customers, not a bunch of lunkheads dumb enough to fall for fancy talk.

    Oh, and am I tagging this post ‘Paris Hilton’?

    You bet I am.

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