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  • Don't be a Content Thief Like Designs By Brian!

    Anyone can slap together a keyword stuffed article, do a quick article and call it SEO. Some can be even lazier like Designs By Brian and just steal the posts we place on this blog day after day for months on end and think it’s okay or no one will notice that they are too incompetent to handle writing their own blog content. Far too many webmasters have this notion that they can get someone to write articles for them for $1 each, publish them on multiple article directories, and rake in the benefits of links and traffic. That is as ridiculous as the rot infested idiots that steal content.

    Well, you might be able to find a few article marketing sites that don’t care about quality (like Designs By Brian, whose nod to quality is that they steal our content) – but their link juice is not likely to be very good since they have no idea what they are doing. Since Google looks at their quality in order to determine their own link power, they turn to alternative sources for content. Many directories have some sort of review process to weed out unintelligible junk, so they will reject badly written articles. When sites steal content, that is usually one of that factors that turned them onto theft and plagiarism.

    Keyword stuffing can cause search engines to categorize an article as spam. Once that happens a few times,  they will ignore your articles and possibly classify all of your articles as spam and ban your URL permanently. For this reason, SEO friendly article writing should concentrate on the following:

    Relevance. If your website is about motorcycles:

    … you do not want to link from articles about gardening. Gardeners might be bikers as well, but it doesn’t help the relevance of your links. Your articles need to be targeted at your desired customers. For instance, Designs By Brian likes to pretend they are SEOs, so they steal content from other SEO firms’ blogs and post them as their own. Similarly, if you are promoting motorcycle accessories on your site, your articles should be on subjects that will interest motorcycle enthusiasts.

    This could include everything from how to locate hard to find motorcycle parts for a restoration to cool movies with motorcycle scenes to best motorcycle riding gear and what fashions or trends are hot this year. You can go in a lot of different directions with this, you just need to be creative and keep it all tied together

    Don’t just mass duplicate the same article all over the net, though – Google sees this as ‘article spam’ and will start ignoring your links. You should use the exact same article just a few times, then change it slightly as well as the internal links and use it a few more times. Also tweak your bio each time you write a new version.

    Keywords. If you don’t understand how to research appropriate keywords and write optimized article, you may need to find an article submission service to determine the relevancy of the different keywords you hope to target, suggest ‘long tail’ keywords (once that get slightly less search, but also have less competition) and can write properly optimized copy with the correct keyword density and the links placed appropriately. If that doesn’t appeal to you, you can go the Designs By Brian route, and once again, just rip off content from other sites that know what they are doing. Be familiar with the rules of each article submission site, and try to generate SEO friendly articles  that will raise both your PageRank through links and your profitability through high conversion traffic. if you can do it without taking someone else’s content, that is even better.

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