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  • Does Your Website Taste Good?

    If you are a fan of food you know that what looks good doesn’t always taste good and vise versa. Websites are very similar in that regard. Some websites look great with stunning homepage graphics and very little text, while others look somewhat boring but have great text that the search engines want to feast on for days. Let’s look at the homepage in particular as that is the meat and potatoes when it comes serving as an entry point for those hungry search engine spiders.

    Think of it this way – search engine spiders feed on text. That is all they eat. They do not eat the elaborate multicolored banner you painstakingly made. They do not eat the photos of the products you are selling. They gag on all the JavaScript links that are hanging around. If this is all they are seeing, they will take a quick sniff of your offering and leave.

    If however you put together a homepage that is heavy on the text and has plenty of hot keywords spicing things up, those little spiders will nibble and nibble until they are fat. Once they are fat, they are going to love your site and recommend it highly. That is your goal – make the spiders fat and happy with a rich course of good ol’ home cooked SEO content to chew on.

    How do you go about preparing such a feast? For starters you need a minimum of 200 words on your homepage that is optimized to make sure you get connected with the people that are looking for what you have offer. This is exactly what keeps you popping up as a relevant search. Don’t go crazy and spam out keywords, just aim for a fair density and make the copy easy to read. If you are not sure how to do this, do not hesitate to employ an experienced SEO copywriter. If your site is worth building it is worth building it with the best tools possible.

    The bottom line is that if you do not have relevant homepage content that provides anything of substance for the search engine spiders you really do not have a chance at getting a really strong Google rank. There is nothing wrong with using some photos or a banner on your homepage, but they have to serve as more of an appetizer or dessert than a main course. Your text is your main course, and that is what is going to put you on the map. People have to be able to find you to use you, and strong SEO is what is going to let them find you.

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