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    Do you want your website listed in DMOZ? It can be frustrating – you know that being listed will probably help your Google rankings, but approvals can take a very long time. Actually, most problems stem from what you do when submitting your site.

    Open Directory Project

    DMOZ is also called the Open Directory Project (ODP). It is a manually categorized directory of websites and pages which are reviewed by a staff of volunteers before inclusion; all listings in DMOZ are free.

    DMOZ isn’t generally utilized for search like Yahoo or Bing, but does serve an important function for Google users as Google takes DMOZ listing into account, including it in their own directory. This means that websites that are listed in DMOZ may have a better ranking, since DMOZ has mad PageRank. Since PageRank is a huge part of Google’s ranking algorithm, your website’s PageRank is increased by DMOZ listings since you will receive one link from DMOZ and one from the Google directory. Just being listed in DMOZ can also get you many more links from sites that download the directory.

    The main problem in getting listed in DMOZ is the time lag – the site appears to say they have nearly 60,000 editors (volunteers who review and categorize websites) but this is actually a number reflecting all editors the website has had since inception, most of whom are no longer with the project. This means there are hundreds or thousands of submissions daily, and very few editors to review them all. Each editor in addition can only review in their assigned categories, and this means backlogs can occur frequently.

    However, this is not the only reason for delays – often, the DMOZ submission is done wrong to begin with. If you submit to the wrong category, it can take forever as it works its way up the queue, only to be bounce to another editor and start over at the bottom of the pile. If that category still isn’t the correct one, the process could start all over again! This means that it is very important to research and make sure you are submitting to the right category.

    If you have multiple sites, this may start to eat up a lot of time – so having a DMOZ submission service help you out might be a wise move. They can guarantee that your site is sent to the correct category and editor the first time and keep you from getting stuck in a huge traffic pileup waiting your turn at wrong tollgates.

    Some sites may even be rejected because they do not have enough unique content. An SEO can look at your content and tell you if it is unique enough to be considered for  DMOZ. Affiliates are the most often rejected because of too much duplicate type content. Also, sites may be rejected because the submission was done wrong in regard to the title or description – these must follow DMOZ guidelines or editors will throw the request out.

    People are not informed that their site has been rejected, so it can be nerve-wracking to wonder if you are stuck in queue or already kicked back as not correct. A submission service can help ensure that everything is done correctly and help you avoid sleepless nights wondering ‘Did my DMOZ submission get rejected?

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