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  • Diggin' It – What does Digg Like?

    Every social network is different. Twitter is a rapidly expanding social site that hit the top 50 in comScore recently; Facebook broke into the top ten, and each one has it’s strengths.

    MySpace is still huge, but less professional; Linked in Is professional but dry. And then there are the shout out sites, where you try to go viral with a story, bit of news, an image or video. Bookmarking and sharing sites focus on the interest stories that keep making the rounds and get voted up day after day.

    Digg is one of the best known, and has been around long enough to get a core of serious users. Although there were rumours that Digg was on the way out, it has been bouncing back. 

    So what kind of stories does Digg like? Lets take a look at the top ten most Dugg posts of all time:

    Digg's Top 10 Dugg Stories of all time

    OK, we have one on an encryption key code, three on Obama, one on scientology, an old one on the Apple iPhone, one on an April Fools Day Digg prank, the famous Ninja Cat and the deaths of Heath Ledger and Michael Jackson.

    So. Digg likes successful presidential candidates, scientologist bashing, technical stuff like stolen code and fancy phones, pranks and dancing cats and dead celebrities.

    So. You got it? Or do we need to go on? Basically you never know what might go viral, so Digg away. You might be the next big hit! (I’m off to trawl the celeb obits.)


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