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  • Deep Links – What Are They and Why Do You Need Them?

    Deep links are nothing but the back links that you have for the internal pages of your website. One of the common practices among most webmasters and SEO professionals is to use the home page as the target of all their link building efforts. Whenever they present a link to another site to get linked, it would invariably be the home page. There is nothing wrong in creating links for your home page. However, when you use only the home page for linking, the strength of your homepage will get boosted and it will have a high page rank. We know the importance of pagerank to get good search rankings in Google.

    Google calculates pagerank individually for every page and not for the entire website. It uses the same set of criteria it will use to rate the home page to rate the inner pages. When it does so, it will find thousands of back links to the home page but hardly any links to the inner pages except for the internal links. As you can see your inner pages will have poor search ranking because of lower pagerank.

    One of the factors that is worth noting is that our home page is normally a page that introduces our services and it is the inner pages that talk about specifics of a service. Therefore, it is important that people get to see the inner pages. There are chances that people who visit the home page may leave the website from the homepage without visiting the inner pages where the actual information about your services or products are explained. It would be a great loss when visitors leave your website after visiting it, without seeing the pertinent information. But this is what poor linking strategies does to your website often.

    The next time when you submit your website to get a link make sure that you distribute the linking URLs so that the inner pages too get the benefit of your linking efforts. This will eventually increase your conversion rates. If you have already taken enough efforts to build your links and if you have used your home page link in your link building efforts now you concentrate on the inner pages. When you are trying to change your linking strategy to get deep links, make sure that you don’t concentrate on just one page at a time thinking that you will build links for one page at a time. Let your efforts be evenly distributed so that all the important pages of your website get the benefits. Otherwise what will happen is only some of the important pages will appear in the search results when Google updates your ranking. You will have to wait for the next update to get the next boosted results. While linking use highly relevant keyword rich text to create the links instead of just submitting the name of your company or website.

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