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  • Dealing With Online Reputation Crisis

    One of the things that most webmasters dread is the online reputation crisis. You can lose a lot of your visitors if negative feedback and reviews about your brand, products or services happen to be listed in the search results. You will have to be always well prepared against all kinds of online reputation attacks. Today as many webmasters have already faced the wrath of online reputation crisis, most of them are taking precautionary measures to fight online crisis. This is in fact the best approach to deal with reputation crisis.

    As customers are also becoming very cautious dealing with businesses and companies online by making sure that they are choosing the right brand or the right products, you will not be able to take any chances when it comes to your brand reputation. So do not wait until something worse happens. Start building your brand reputation, start creating positive image online so that if there should be any attack against your brand, your positive image that you have built already will guard you.

    There are several strategies available today to create a highly positive brand image. You can make use of social bookmarking, blog commenting, blog review posting, press release distribution etc. Unlike before with the proliferation of Web 2.0 properties, we have numerous ways of reaching out to our customers. Today more and more people are becoming very active on the internet. This is your chance to boost your brand image. Look for high traffic networks and popular social media to build your online brand reputation.

    In case your brand name should come under attack, do not panic. You need to take the right steps and swift action to minimize the damage that is caused by the attack against your brand. This is not the time to research on the source of the attack. You will have to concentrate now on pushing down the negative results from the search engine results. You will have to first identify the keywords that get the negative feedbacks and negative reviews listed. Once you have identified the keywords that trigger the negative results, you will have to post content that is optimized around those keywords. Multiple press release article distribution will help here as search engines pick up press releases faster than any other type of content posted online. Timing is highly crucial in responding to the negative attacks. You should not lose any time because the longer the negative results stay online the greater the damages caused to your brand. Once you have pushed down the negative feedback and reviews to the safe levels, you need to respond to the attack by giving your side of the story in the same forum or blog in which negative review has been posted so that the internet users will be able to get the right picture. Very often the negative feedbacks and reviews exaggerate the issues and they are far fetched. So you should make sure to give your target audience the right version of the story and this will certainly help on the long run because you will have a record of what has happened even if someone should stumble upon the negative feedback several months later.

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