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  • Crucial Factors That Make Or Break Your SEO Campaigns

    Are you brainstorming vigorously for your SEO campaigns for 2011? It is customary for organizations to plan their SEO campaigns at the beginning or each year. When you are planning your SEO campaign for your website, you need to take into consideration a number of factors. There are some crucial factors that make or break your SEO campaigns.
    Every time you want to start your SEO campaign you will have to first review your current status. You should first prepare a complete report on your existing ranking status for all the top keywords. Your latest SEO report will serve as the starting point for your SEO campaign. In case you are launching your SEO campaign for your brand new website, you should first start with keywords analysis. Your keywords analysis report will give you the right direction to your SEO campaign. This is one of the most crucial factors that will make or break your SEO campaigns.
    If you do not start with a status report, you will not know your website’s strengths and weaknesses. This will help you understand how effective your prior campaigns have been and where you need to concentrate more.
    The next crucial factor that you should consider before you launch your SEO campaign is to check whether your SEO service provider has been delivering on their promises in the past and whether you are getting your money’s worth. If your SEO company has not been offering tangible results, you need to consider whether to continue with your existing company or to select a new SEO company. Timing is everything when it comes to SEO results. You cannot afford to lose a lot of time waiting for results. If you happen to work with a company that only makes great promises but delivers very little results, then you will lose your precious online time. This will make you trail behind the competition.
    Another important factor is setting aside the right budget for your SEO campaigns. You should plan carefully how your funds should be channeled, whether the major portion of your funds should be channeled to link building or social bookmarking or for PPC etc. Setting aside a large budget for your SEO campaigns will not automatically guarantee success. At the same time you need to set aside a decent budget for your SEO campaigns. Setting aside too meager budgets for SEO campaigns will not help you in choosing the right SEO companies because you will be too keen in keeping within your budget rather than choosing companies that offer the best results. This does not mean that companies that charge competitive rates for their SEO services do not offer good results. It is just that your selection criteria will be affected.
    You must have a complete blueprint of the entire year’s SEO efforts. If you take random efforts you will not be able to achieve the desired level of online success. So chalk out all your efforts and set realistic goals for your SEO campaign.

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