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  • Creating Tablet Friendly Websites

    One of the latest posts in Google Webmaster Central Blog gave webmasters some useful tips on creating websites that are tablet friendly. Webmasters that are keen in driving traffic to their websites through SEO should try to tap visitors from as many sources as possible. Today the number of visitors reaching your website through hand held devices is increasing at an exponential rate. By making your website tablet friendly you will be able to increase your visitors’ rate and conversion rate.

    Your website visitors prefer to visit tablet optimized websites because visiting your websites that are optimized just for mobile phones may not provide them with the optimum experience. Google webmaster central blog recommends webmasters to use responsive websites. This will allow your visitors to land the right websites based on the gadget that they use to access your website. The post also recommends that you test your website in as many tablet models as possible so that you know that your website is rendering well in all types of tablets. Try to access your website in various resolutions and from devices with various screen sizes to ensure that your website users have optimum user experience in your website.

    Google has already sent out its recommendations to webmasters on developing smartphone friendly websites. This has lead to many webmasters ask for help on building tablet friendly websites. The latest post on recommendations for creating tablet friendly websites is Google’s response to the webmasters’ questions.

    It is important that your SEO efforts took into account the bigger picture and covers much larger area than just link building and social bookmarking. The entire gamut of internet marketing and search engine optimization is becoming increasingly complex day by day. You need to cater to the wider range of audiences that use variety of devices.

    Regardless of whether you are trying to optimize or market your website yourself or whether you are hiring an SEO company to take care of your internet marketing needs it is important to pay attention to all these factors so that you will be able to get the fullest ranking benefits. Today it is just not enough to get top ranking but it is even more important to make your website friendly to wide range of devices.  This is where it becomes increasingly important to work with highly experienced SEO companies so that you will be guided in the right path to attracting the highest number of visitors to your website.

    You will be able to experience better conversion rates only when you offer your visitors with the best user experience which again will depend on how effective you are in serving the right type of website for the right users. By taking such factors into account you will be able to give better mileage to every marketing dollar that you spend. If all these sound like Greek and Latin to you just because you are new in the game then it is best to look for professional guidance.

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