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  • Converting Your FAQs To Video Format

    In the previous post, we looked at how explainer videos can increase your traffic and improve your website’s conversion rates. Explainer videos certainly serve as an excellent tool. Besides creating product videos, you can also take advantage of your online videos in a number of other situations. One of the sections that you can bank on is the FAQs page. Almost all the websites will have FAQs section and if you have one such page, retain the current FAQs page and added to that, try to create short videos with the same FAQs content. Having your FAQs in video format will certainly prove to boost your website’s traffic rate.

    faq to video

    The idea behind having a FAQs section is to reduce the number of times your customers have to contact you. FAQs section anticipates questions that are regularly asked by the customers and answers those questions before hand so that visitors with similar questions can have the required information readily available. This keeps the customers happy as it increases the clarity about your products and services even before they start using your products.

    You can extend the above concept one-step further by providing your customers with the required information in video format. This will further boost the understanding of your customer. Creating FAQ videos need not be expensive; you will be able to create animation styled videos, which is one of the most cost effective formats available today. Rather than reading long list of questions your customers will be able to watch the videos and have their questions answered in a much shorter time. This does not mean that your FAQs section can be completely replaced with videos. It is important textual content in the FAQ page because Google needs plenty of niche relevant content in your web pages to position your website in the search results. Therefore replacing the text completely with videos will be a mistake.

    Another advantage of converting your FAQ content to video format is that you will be able to share this content in video sharing sites whereas you will not be able to share your regular textual FAQ content online in the article sites. When you share these videos online, you will be able to increase your visibility. It will bring all the benefits that we discussed in the previous post about explainer videos.

    Create professional quality videos and you should never compromise on the quality of the videos. Compromising on the quality of the videos will only work against your own goals. It is important that you do not try to cut corners here. You may create short videos and launch them in a phased manner if you want to have a control over the fund rather than going for cheap but unprofessional quality videos. The competition level is very high in every niche today; therefore, it is vital that you are additionally careful in terms of ensuring first the efforts that you are taking does not cause any damage before it can do some good to you.

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