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  • Conceptual SEO – Are You Confused?

    Does the whole concept of SEO seem so cumbersome that you felt like you had no idea where to start with it? Did you ever get so stressed about SEO you considered chucking the whole idea? That is NOT a good plan, but most webmasters have felt this way at one time or another. It’s easy to get frustrated as much as the rules change, often without warning and keeping up can be hard. Regardless, SEO isn’t going away and neither can your resolve to use it effectively if you expect success online.

    Conceptual SEO - Are You Confused

    The one constant about ranking our websites is that the game is always in a state of change. The world of search is constantly altering its focus to deliver more specific results, so we have to adapt to each tweak. If the search engines make links more relevant, we need better incoming PageRank giving links. If they decide that quantity and quality of pages is of importance, content becomes a priority. Fortunately, the focus is now on quality over quantity and making for a better visitor experience so that is something everyone can make strides toward.

    A major key to all of this is using what you have at your disposal effectively. Managing your time and your budget is critical if you hope to have a prayer of getting everything done. The best approach is usually to focus on one area at a time like doing site upgrades first that allow faster, cleaner loads and then moving into the content and cleaning up links. You can in all likelihood do some of your site work yourself, but in some cases help will be needed. Knowing what to hire out is as important as knowing whom to hire.

    No one is expected to know everything about getting a site running at peak performance. There is no shame in not knowing how to do something! The only time to be ashamed of yourself is if you pass up the opportunity to learn. Just try to determine what you can change yourself, and what you may need help with. Once you do that, the big thing is actually getting the right help instead of kidding yourself into believing you can fix the problems just because you identified them.

    One last thing. In SEO, everything hinges on content. Content is king and that has never changed. Quality content is the one thing that has withstood every algorithm change.  If you have no sense of what it takes to write a good article and make it optimized for search engine relevance, you need to consider having a professional writer do your content, and possibly your distribution as well.

    The content that appears on your site or blog is important because it directly reflects on you. Articles and posts out on the web were once almost imperative for links and traffic, and while still nice, are not what they once were. A good SEO firm will be able to help you get your content in places it will be noticed without having to deal with the flotsam and jetsam that article submission sites have become.

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