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  • Christmas Blast with Submitedge's DOB offer!

    santa came early

    The holiday season’s here! This time of the year is all about giving, so we’re offering a fun and easy way for you to a get an alluring discount. People around the globe celebrate the birth of Christ on Christmas, so let your birth-date make you feel special as well.

    We’re offering you a discount based on your date of birth. Simply follow a few easy steps to avail your discounts.

    1] Write down your date of birth.
    For e.g. – 12/12/1975

    2] Add your date and the number sequence of your month of birth, when you come to the year of your birth, skip the first two digits and add the last 2 numbers of your birth
    For example:
    = 12/12/1975
    = <12> + <12> +  <19> + <75>

    (The above date of birth has been added by leaving out the first two numbers from the numerical of the year.)

    3] The next step is to add all the numbers to unravel the percentage of your discount
    = 1+2 +1+2 +1+9+7+5
    = 3+3+22
    = 28%* (*Conditions Apply)

    This is how you avail your discount.

    Step 1: Follow us on Twitter

    Step 2: Tweet the following text by adding your date of birth.

    My date of birth for discount is dd-mm-yyyy @Submitedge 

    We always have surprises for you!

    Happy Holidays!

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