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  • Changing SEO Trends In 2013

    SEO we already know is a very dynamic field and the face of continues to change week after week and month after month. Now that we have reached the middle of 2013, we can notice tremendous changes in the SEO trends of this year. Most of these trends are marked by Google’s algorithmic updates. The SEO packages offered by the SEO companies continue to take different shapes to match these changing trends and the changing demands.

    If you take a closer look at the latest strategies, you will be able to notice easily that there is a significant move towards the content based strategies. Though the entire world might want to believe that social media is ruling the rooster, the ground reality is little different. Social media marketing efforts that are not supported by content based strategies do not seem to be really effective. Prudent SEO service providers understanding the Google’s priorities and preferences try to tap the potential of good quality content whether it is in the form of website content, guest blogging or niche blog posting, there is a considerable attention given to content based strategies to support all the other search marketing strategies.

    The latest trend in the SEO industry is to use a combination of strategies rather than single strategies. One of the elements in those SEO packages if you notice will be content based strategy. Given this scenario, we cannot possibly stress enough the importance of content based strategies. The main intention of understanding the latest SEO trends is to learn what works and what does not.

    While we emphasize that content based strategies are taking the front stage, we should not totally ignore link building. As of now, link building seems to have taken backstage but it still plays an important role in Google ranking algorithm. Google has not made any open statements on link building though Matt Cutts encourages webmasters to turn to social media because that is where the crowd is; the best bet here would be to use content based link building strategies. Guest blogging will certainly be the most trendy link building and search engine marketing strategies. You will not only satisfy Google by providing good quality content that is relevant to your niche but you will also be getting links from pages that have your niche relevant content.

    As a webmaster, it is vital that you keep a close tab on the latest Google updates and in particular, the Penguin updates. Google makes it evident that it is not going to turn a blind eye against web spam. All the algorithmic updates from Google are geared towards making the internet a cleaner space. All the SEO and link building strategies that you are using to promote your brand should reflect this sentiment of Google. Websites that have been tailoring their branding efforts and their search engine optimization efforts based on such sentiments always do well. Work with a seasoned SEO company that will help your brand get top ranking using the latest Google friendly strategies.

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