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  • Can You Use Guest Blogging to Get Back Links?

    There are numerous ways to acquire back links for your website. You will know by now that not all link building strategies are equally effective and equally safe. It is therefore our responsibility to find link building methods that are highly effective and safe. One of the link building strategies that is put under the microscope is guest blogging. Can you use guest blogging to acquire back links for your website does Google consider this to be a legitimate link building strategy?

    Matt Cutts response to this question is that if you can get a really good writer that can create fresh content and create something new then Google is going to like such fresh content and the links that come from such posts are going to be valuable to your website. He recommends that you get high quality writers that provide fresh content.

    On the other hand, if you are not going to pay attention to the quality of the content or its uniqueness then you might as well end up in problems. More than the strategy, it is how the strategy is executed gains significance here. You should therefore know how to balance between link building and posting good quality content on the web.


    Basically, Google and Matt Cutts admit that guest blogging will help your website improve your ranking and the links that come from guest blogging will be taken into account as long as the blogs are from high value content. When we say high value content, you should take into account the quality of the language used, freshness of the content and the usefulness of the content to the audience.

    It is even more important that you do not spin articles to create multiple links to your website. Google welcomes authentic guest blogging but it does not tolerate manipulative blogging. As long as you are playing by the rules of the search giant, you will be able to get the desired results and for that, you should first know what is expected of you and what is not expected. In other words, you should know your boundaries only then you will be able to meet those requirements effectively.

    The verdict however is that you can use guest blogging effectively but you should make sure that you are maintaining very high quality standards. Hundreds of websites out there are already benefiting from guest blogging and your website too can benefit. At the same time, there are hundreds of other websites that are not getting the desired results or the link benefit from guest blogging. Before you embark on this strategy, it is vital that you plan well on how you can effectively drive traffic and good quality links to your website. Having a long term or overall plan will certainly help you achieve better results. If you have already not been using guest blogging to promote your website, it is high time that applied this powerful strategy to your website.

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