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  • Building Web Pages For Users And Not For Search Engines

    seo-391x400 This is one of the most popular teachings of Google and Google reiterates this factor on every possible occasion. What does Google really mean by this age old recommendation? Why does Google say something like this in the first place? Google continually emphasizes the importance of building websites and web pages for the users and not for the search engines because lot of webmasters tried to use strategies that manipulated the search results. Google penalized such websites and tried to clear the web from such a menace.

    Google considers that building websites for search engines will bring down the overall internet experience and hence it is a serious offence. When visitors come to your website they should be able to find what they need easily and the pages should not contain any information that they cannot access or view. If you are using techniques like cloaking or door way pages then it can affect your website’s reputation.

    Google wants webmasters to adhere to fair practices so that the internet is a fair place for everyone including the competitors in your niche. There are number of best practices recommended by Google on website building. All the guidelines teach webmasters how to make one’s website search engine friendly.

    Google in actuality recommends that websites are made user friendly rather than search engine friendly. Do not try to overload your pages with excessive keywords and never make your content into keyword stuffed content. Keyword stuffing is one of the areas Google considers inappropriate. Do not try to mislead your visitors

    If you try to deceive users, Google will be able to identify such deceptions easily and penalize your website for the same. Good quality content will impress not only the search engines but also the internet users and your visitors. It will make your website a useful resource on the internet. You should not however serve automatically generated content in your website. Redirecting your website visitors to other pages in a sneaky way can prove to be a risky practice. Your visitors should know clearly where they will be taken.

    While we try to emphasize here the importance of building user friendly websites, it is also important to avoid complex scripts and add-ons that will slow down your website. This can have negative effects on your website and can also frustrate the users. If you have a blog and if you have allowed users to comment in your blog make sure that all the comments are moderated and approved by you before they are displayed on your website. This will save your website from spammy content that can affect your website’s credibility.

    When you pay attention to all these factors you will be able to improve the quality of your website. You need to provide your users with up to date information and good quality content so that your website stands out from the rest of the competition and at the same time when a lot of visitors come to  your website search engines will further boost your ranking.

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