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  • How Building a Strong Backlinks Profile can Help you Boost your Website Rankings?

    SEO is like a puzzle and deciphering it would be next to impossible without links. The internet is undoubtedly a platform that involves fierce competition amongst gazillions of websites. Web portals compete to grab a top spot in the SERP. Being listed in the first page of popular search engines like Google and Bing can help businesses flourish and expand beyond expectations. The whole SEO game is based on rankings. With higher web rankings, you obtain the power to make your online presence felt by a large audience base, which provides you with a footing to survive in today’s competitive business world. Without backlinks, obtaining high rankings in SERP is simply not possible.

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    To make the long story short, let us take an example of real estate. You are looking forward to buying an apartment and to make this task as simple as possible, you start searching for professional real estate agents through the internet. You find some amazing profiles and you begin short-listing the agents you want to stick with and finally you choose the one whom you feel is quite competent and reliable. Search engines like Google and Bing do the same thing. With an overcrowded population of a million websites, the algorithm that makes search engines produce results start refining the most accurate and relevant webpages that best suit the query entered in the search box. While you check for positive reviews, ratings, and previous accomplishments of different real estate agents to determine the reliable ones, search engines rely over backlinks to eliminate inferior and poor quality websites.

    You may come across many SEO experts who advice small and mid size businesses to focus on the quality of the content that is being fed to the website. However, even hiring Charles Dickens or William Shakespeare to create quality content means nothing if the produced content fails to receive attention. What is the use of focusing over quality when the content produced is not being read, shared or mentioned? This is where backlinks come into play. All the top ranked websites have a strong link profile that the search engine favors ones that are linked back by a huge audience. When many people backlink a particular piece of information, search engines automatically start taking notice of such links. Wikipedia is the perfect example for backlinks. Tons of gems of information are available over Wikipedia and that makes many people backlink them providing wiki with a top spot in SERP. With sufficient backlinks, the rankings start to ascend within a matter a time.

    So how do you actually develop a solid backlink profile? Keep reading to unveil the secret.

    Keyword Research
    Search engines do not have a mind to think they have programs that make them function. The programs ingrained are designed in a manner to identify keywords in order to determine accuracy. Conducting a thorough keyword research and choosing the clever ones can boost your scope of building a formidable backlink profile. A word of advice for those willing to pick the right keywords is to think how would people search for your product or services and accordingly go for phrases and keywords. It is obvious that you find the top ranking keywords in one section, however planning not to go with the crowd can help you stay on the safe side. Learn to see from another person’s perspective and you find some amazing keywords that shall help boost your rankings.

    Track Your Enemies
    After brainstorming keywords, try entering the ones you are willing to use and check for the websites that appear. Go through your competitors’ website that are enjoying the top spot in SERP and get an idea of how your competitors manage to retain high ranking in search engines. Gather a set of link list that you find most useful from every competitors website and keep a record of it.

    Now that you have relevant keywords along with crucial content data used by your competitors to achieve higher rankings, get back to your own system and start spotting low quality links. If you do your homework of researching keyword accurately and collecting data from your competitor’s base, then spotting low quality links and eliminating them will be only a matter of time. Once eliminated, you can witness the chains of low rankings that held your website back from achieving a top spot in SERP disappear. You can now duplicate your competitors’ link building strategy and use it to make your webpage surface on the top.

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