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  • Bloggers – Helpful or Harmful?

    Blogs are the new micro-news sources. There are a few things you should remember when writing blog posts!

    Helpful or Harmful

    Attention should be paid to the source of the source, and also how much credibility the blog has in and of itself, if you are linking to or from one, or trying to start one yourself.

    A bunch of blogs merely spout the ideals of self proclaimed gurus, while others a part of a successful business model and can be expected to know what they are talking about. This applies not only to SEO blogs, but to those in any field!

    You can use a blog to great effectiveness on the web to build your brand and encourage exchange of ideas, but you will want to monitor it to make sure you are giving a good impression and representation of yourself / your company / your brand when you do.

    Make sure you only post content you can stand behind one hundred percent. Check your sources, check the sources’ sources, check the sites you link to, and what sites THEY link to. You don’t want to be buddied up against something or someone you can’t support.

    Watch out for arguments starting up in your comments areas. Moderate fairly, but try to keep posts on point and direct to the matter at hand – every field has battlers who will find eachother and start slinging mud.

    Don’t link out to stuff you don’t agree with just to ‘debunk’ it – all you are doing is sending traffic that way and making the bad information more credible from a search engine standpoint!!

    Don’t post stuff just to create controversy or drama – this is like people who use Facebook or Reddit or Twitter or Digg to bump up their view stats simply by posting in incendiary tone, with profanity or outrageous falsehoods just for clicks.

    All in all, blog responsibly and you will be taken seriously. Back yourself up with reliabel sourcing and stats, be proud of everything you put your name on, and moderate comments to ensure that your blog doesn’t become a battleground.

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