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  • Blog Marketing Blogs are one of the best options available to obtain quality targeted visitor traffic and increased search ranking. The odds are that you won’t get instant success with your blogs days after launching them which is okay and expected. Marketing a blog is much the same – instant success may not be realized, but if you continue to use reliable marketing methods then in time there will be a worthwhile payoff for your efforts.  It takes hard work to be a success, but nothing great comes easily.

    The key to successfully marketing a blog is  content – and remember, content isn’t just text; it’s video and images as well. Without quality content there is no point in trying to market your blog. You have to show any potential customer that you take quality seriously – top to bottom – and that all begins with making a good first impression on each visitor. Use clear images, high quality video when possible and text that is engaging and easy to read. It does not matter how great you key your text if it is unreadable.

    By creating unique high quality content you separate yourself from blogs that are doing little more than reposting what has appeared elsewhere without giving it any thought. Just make sure there is plenty of text for the search engines to index. Make use of strong targeted tags and keep your site easy to navigate and free from clutter.

    If you are an existing business that already has an email list built up, use that to invite people to your blog. You can always consider purchasing a quality niche email list from a reputable broker, but those are expensive and come with no guarantees. Usually, it is best to avoid that and spend the money on a linking service instead.  Either way is a quick and easy method to get an immediate boost in traffic and hopefully subscribers.  Keep it short and sweet and do not make it a pressure type of “act now!” mailing. All you want to do is make them aware your blog is up and provide a link. Anything more than that seems desperate, aggressive and weird.

    Good content and effective email marketing can get your blog indexed much better than crossing your fingers and hoping. Once you get a fair amount of subscribers you need to maintain a regular schedule of new posts that are engaging enough to keep people coming back and talking about your blog. If you do that, then you are well on your way to establishing yourself as a trusted online authority in your field.

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