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  • Bettering Your Blog

     Your site needs content and links in order to survive. Good content is hard to come by – unless you write well yourself or actually know who is providing your content prior to paying for it. With all the content farmers sending writing jobs to ESL writers because they can be paid so little, it‘s a real and legitimate concern. If you have talent in that area, you might be able to boost your incoming link count by bartering your services. Write some content to get some links – it does work!

    If you are able make contacts with other sites in your field, why not offer your writing services to add content to their site? You should be able to get a link back from the pages you supply as a form of “payment.”. If you gain a reputation as a top notch writer, you might start finding that your services are in demand. Once that happens, links should be easy to get.

    You might think it sounds crazy to ‘just give it away’ – but  the links you get back could greatly outweigh the value of the content to your site, and the reverse holds true as well. A content poor site will probably leap at the chance to get some high quality, virtually free content for the price of a link or even two. You have to leverage what you have to offer as best as you can.

    Some ideas to get links using your writing skills include finding sites in your genre willing to trade an article or web page in exchange for a link from their site to yours. Try to find related sites looking for content on freelance markets and offer your services at a deep discount to get their attention. When you are contacted about the bid, let them know you are offering the low price because you really want a link. Being direct is sometimes the best approach.. Do the same thing with blogs. You can always find blogs that relate to your site, service or product. Check them out try to get a link from them as well.

    Advertise your services as an article writer for Directory Submission. You can offer a low rate for a secondary link on the article going to your site.  Publish an area on your site with ‘free content’ and let people know they are welcome to reproduce it as long as they link back using your embedded link. No-follow the page to keep the robots out of it! . A lot of webmasters  actively search for free content on the web, and will be thrilled to find high quality stuff for the taking.

    Remember that your content represents you wherever it is posted, and that good content is always prime for scraping. Keep on your toes, and copyscape your work frequently to ensure it is not being used without permission. Usually just a note dropped asking for a link if you find a transgressor will bring them in line – a lot of plagiarizers do so without realizing they are violating web etiquette and are simply trying to share what they think is interesting content.

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