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  • Attention! Important Information Regarding SEO Content!

    SEO Content

    There are specific techniques which have become common for SEO masters when it comes to content. They all hinge on one thing – the ability to catch the attention of a searcher and make them feel you have the answer to their question.

    Without further ado, I give you the following, as alternate titles to this blog post accompanied by a short explanation for each one.

    Attention! Important Information Regarding SEO Content!

    Made you look, didn’t it? A one word lead followed by an exclamation mark is bound to catch the eye. I followed up with two other words that are great attention getters – ‘important‘ and ‘information’; then I told you what the important information is about (regarding SEO content) and let you come to me! You can also use the words ‘urgent’ , ‘update’ and ‘news’ for a similar effect.

    How To Write SEO Content for Maximum Results

    Here’s another way I can make you sit up and take notice. Everyone loves a ‘How to’ list, and here I followed up immediately with the subject (write SEO content) and added a hook (for maximum results). Again, you can vary the wording using words like ‘best’, ‘ultimate’ and ‘impact’.

    Top Ten Tricks To Writing SEO Content

    You getting the idea, now? Another type of list, and you can use any number. Odd numbers are becoming common as the catch the eye, and can be used to alliterate with other hook words, such as ‘The Seven Secrets for-’ or the ‘Eight Exceptional Ways to-’.

    Why, Where and When

    Phrasing your title as a question is a great way to grab attention as well. People ask questions continuously, and thanks to Alex Trebek we are well acclimated to looking for a question to find the answer. Questions like ‘Why does,’ ‘Where can’ and ‘When do’ are common queries, and you can capitalize on them by using these keywords in your title. ‘Who’, ‘Will’ and ‘Do’ are also possible.

    Once you have gotten your audience’s attention, you need to present your information in an easy to navigate format. Numbered list should follow some sort of natural progression. Headers should be evenly distributed, and bullets used judiciously.

    Avoid large block of text. Plenty of white space is the rule, and you want to paragraph with even distribution of text and spacing in mind. If the content is for your own website, make sure you frame it out with a wide margin or border on each side, as it will be difficult to read otherwise.

    There is a reason many sites offer print friendly version! Reader friendly version requires a more elaborate eye to attention and detail, with borders and graphics to break up the text so it doesn’t seem overpowering or dissuading. You want your reader to proceed undaunted to read your text after you have lured them to looking at it!

    If you follow these simple rules when starting to put your article together, you will have a good chance that people will believe you to be helpful and informative. Whether you actually are or not is a matter which we can address tomorrow! (Oh, those are more good words… ‘simple’ and ‘rules’!)

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