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  • Are Headlines Imperative In the Content marketing world?

    How did headlines get the spotlight? It’s been a tradition to tease readers with a little information before they can go ahead and read an entire article, write-up or blog. So that’s where exactly it all started from. The challenge on the writer here is to give just so much information that it entices the reader to continue reading. If people get turned down by the headline, they will not be bothered to go ahead.

    Content headlines

    Think of it this way; you are going through your inbox and see an e-mail with a subject line that sounds spammy and cheesy, would you go ahead and open it? I guess no. Similarly, the same applies while creating your content. Do not forget to give it a catchy yet informative headline. It is the first and the best opportunity to create an impression on your reader.

    Mentioned below are a few pointers that will help you know why headlines are important when it comes to content are marketing.

    Headlines on Social Media
    Of the many activities that people perform online, the use of social media has increased and holds the number one position now. This in turn means that the content marketing headlines had to carry off a heavy load. Now days, headlines are getting shorter and crisp, as every reader first looks at it. Only if the headlines are catchy the article will be shared & go viral on several social media pages. When it comes to social media, one should see to it that the headlines are powerful and can make an impact.

    Headlines used as Email Subject Lines
    While building your email lists, your focus is mainly on sharing the content and testing which subject line will have the best impact. This is where, headlines play an important role. The go-to tool for marketers has always been via emails. However, with the introduction of social media platforms and many other applications, several people questioned its effectiveness. The traditional ways do not easily walk out of trend. Several promotional and marketing activities still take place via emails. So, email headlines should be a priority when sending it across to the viewers. If the headline or subject line is effective, the viewer will surely open the email to check its content.

    Merge SEO, Content and Headlines
    Headlines very gracefully became a part of the SEO. One cannot forget about search engines when talking about content as, they have become an integral part of it. Ultimately, the content goes up on search engines and it should be search-engine as well as user friendly. Headlines play a major role in this. When you give headline or titles, make sure they serve both the readers and bots.

    Using an initial headline that shows and tells your audience how to do something can help you in actually getting the product moving.

    Your headline is the first impression; the effectiveness of the same should be clear, to the point and enticing. The most crucial part of all is, capturing the attention of your clients and potential customers. Always remember, it does not matter how wonderful or well placed the content of a particular website or blog is, if the headline is not perfect and catchy.

    Govind Agarwal is a Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing Expert at SubmitEdgeseo, with over 6 years experience in the Web Marketing Techniques.

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