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  • How to Get an Indented Listing in Google

    Some years ago, Google started filtering for duplicate content, which put an end to companies that lobbied to fill the entire front page of the SERPs with links to their site. Google tries to give a sampling of the best sites, which means that you’ll normally only appear once on the first page.

    In certain scenarios, however, you can impress Google enough to garner a double listing, known as an indented listing:

    Google indented listing

    Managing to show up twice in the SERPs can give your website a little extra advantage. Having an indented listing in Google’s search results means two listings for your website in the top 10 results in Google instead of just one, and the higher your initial listing is, the more added kick you get. Google describes these ‘double whammy’  listings and how they decide whether or not to list them as follows:

    Google finds multiple results from the same website, the most relevant result is listed first, with other relevant pages from that site indented below it.

    Your website will secure more clicks and more visitors if it is listed twice in the top 10 results. These simple guidelines can help you secure an indented listing if Google can be convinced you qualify:

    Begin with a webpage that has already achieved a top 10 ranking for the target keyword.

    Create a second webpage on the same domain. Link it to the one with the top 10 ranking. Use several links, including embedded ones.

    Optimize your new page for the same keywords as the original, but use brand new, highly relevant and informative content.

    Link from the first page to the second page with your keyword phrase in the anchor text, and gather a few high quality inbound links for the new page.

    Following steps are often enough to result in Google giving you an indented result under your original top 10 result. It’s definitely worth a shot!

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