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  • 8 Effective Ways to Get More Shares on Social Media without Galling Readers

    Social media has taken the internet world by storm. Businesses of all sizes make use of various online platforms to build strong networks. However, many users still get stuck while creating content on social platforms. Just as any place has its own rules or trends, your posts are more likely to gain popularity based on the content, images and any creative context that you create. Your readers are the soul of your business and social media channels play a major role in branding it. Sharing posts on a regular basis ensures you care for your clients and helps build trust.

    8 Effective Ways to Get Shares on Social Media without Galling Readers

    When you share a post on Facebook or Twitter, the first thing you notice is the number of shares, likes and comments on it and without all of this, it could turn out to be a disappointing experience! Social media is a powerful place. It is a hub for creating a niche for your business. It is all about using the right and innovative strategies. Here are a few key ways that might help you gain an insight into its benefits:

    Know Why You Are Sharing
    It is not uncommon that people read posts that share similar interests. Do you often wonder why some content makes people click the “share” button without a second thought? On the other hand, what keeps off the same users from sharing content that you find appealing? There could be plenty of reasons behind it. Personal choices differ, but there is one common ground where users stop to check – the content! Listed below are some tips on how to master the skills of writing shareable posts:

    The title – Keep it short and attractive
    The audience – Be aware and target wisely
    The context – Entertain the readers!

    There could be several regular visitors to your website on a daily or hourly basis. It may seem shocking to know that about 98% of the audience may not like a post even if it has great content and most likely, they skip reading it. By choosing to post relevant and engaging content, you prevent risks associated with loss of potential readers.

    Understand the Social Sharing Psychology
    It works on a simple yet most misunderstood principle – Create content that connects purpose with the readers! Before you hit the “post” button, it is important to ensure that you have built enough trust among the users. Keep the content simple and easy to understand

    Use Emotional Intelligence
    The human world is dependent on emotions. Content which appeals to the better nature of the readers tends to be liked more and gain quite a lot of shares and comments. So, why not make use of this? Common emotions that drive more traffic are curiosity, astonishment, interest, amazement, puzzling and uncertainty. Apart from this, you can even use other emotions like happiness, surprise, affection and more.

    Do Not Beg but Ask For Shares
    There are a number of ways that can trigger your readers to hit the share button. You do so by adding selective people in your post. For instance, a post saying, “If you liked the post, please share and enlighten others with this information – I’d really appreciate it” may work for personal profiles.

    Use High-Quality Images
    It is said, “An image speaks a thousand words”. Readers are drawn towards images. No matter how incredible writer you are, using no image can lead to loss of readers.

    If you are posting something on Twitter, do not forget to add hashtags “#”. It creates a common interest and targets the right audiences.

    Time Your Post
    Not every reader is available at the same time. It is wise to choose a particular time in order to post content. All the social media networks offer a tool that helps you understand and track the time when your users are active. Set a frequency when posting and maintain a suitable gap for subsequent posts.

    Now that you know what it takes to create engaging content, how about sharing these tips?

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