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  • 5 Ways to Design a Smart Conversion Oriented Marketing Strategy

    There are a lot of talks about marketing today that focuses on reaching the right target audience, but loses traction when speaking effectively about conversions. Unfortunately, there is no rulebook about covering this gap between reaching your prime audience and generating productive conversions. Even then, marketing experts swear by a few areas like outpacing PPC competition, creating content hubs and using. Keep reading to get yourself acquainted with smart conversion oriented tactics.

    5 Ways to Design a Smart Conversion Oriented Marketing Strategy

    1.Speaking the language your customers speak
    If a line connects two dots, it is language that can connect two people. So you got to make sure you speak the language your customer speaks. Get a pulse of things that tick your target audience and structure content strikes a chord with them. The amount of work that goes behind getting to know your audience can be considered a smart investment. You may talk what they want to hear, and at times what they don’t want to, as long as your brand has their attention.

    2.Accurate Sampling
    When testing your strategies it is easy to get carried away with exceedingly high number of positive result. So keep testing and sampling. You do not want to end up with a result that bases your future campaigns only to end up inaccurate. You may find a number of various aspects that worked due to reasons other than your strategy. This is why it is important that you are careful about sampling and invest whole heartedly with time.

    3.Getting an Early Start
    When it comes to PPC advertising, one cannot afford to lag. This is because PPC updates make their way in a rush and getting savvy about them by testing and checking out new features will help you stay afloat. Even a simple extension holds the potential to help you get noticed better, generate more clicks and lower costs too. So be the proverbial early bird and keep an eye out for those updates.

    4.Finding the Niche pulse
    The competition for attention in the content world is for a topic. All the big players are taking up the space at this content party. To stay anchored in the flow you need to build a vibrant content hub. Content hubs are a set of content that is arranged around a certain topic. You need to pick a topic that is relevant to your target audience and build upon it by strategizing specific content that relates how your company is relevant to it. This way you create a niche under the specific topic and will help garner the target attention.

    5.Landing Pages
    Your landing pages need to work effectively to attract attention to the message that needs it. Use photographs and visual content that are attractive enough to attract user’s attention. You can use either abstract techniques or real world indicators that work as attention grabbers. The Suggestive Power of the Eye is one technique that subconsciously forces an individual to take notice of the content. Use such techniques extensively.

    The above mentioned approach will help you streamline your marketing efforts into a powerful strategy. Conversion is music to a marketer’s ears, so shut out the noise by concentrating on what is important.

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