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  • Why Is Mobile SEO Challenging?

    Nobody could have envisioned the dominance that mobiles have started occupying over the internet. In the initial days, the internet usage was lesser owing to the low speed, high charges and other limitations. But now with service providers competing and offering several easy plans and high speed internet, people armed with smartphones in their hands are always communicating and searching or shopping on the go. This is the audience that you need to target as an astute businessperson. You need to consider mobile SEO to reach out to these potential customers who may visit your site through their mobile devices.
    Mobile SEO
    People generally, have no patience; and this is more evident in the case of people searching for products or services on their mobile phones. Bounce rates are very high in case of sites on the mobile and that poses a big challenge for mobile SEO. The biggest struggle is how to present the entire website page on such a small mobile screen. Your site may be well designed and may figure higher on the search engines for the desktop result page. However, if the website page is not mobile friendly then the bounce rate will be high and consequently, the ranking of your site will take a beating.

    The network plays a major role; different service providers have different internet speed. Since people are searching while travelling, the network may not be so good. And if your site takes long to download then it can add to your perils. The viewers do not have the time or the patience to put up with a slow loading page. That will lead to bounce rates and eventually a drop in your site’s ranking.

    Another challenge is the demarcation of the devices. Some may consider even ipads or tablets under mobiles and some may consider only the phones. The data and source of the traffic needs to be accurate to come up with the right strategies for mobile SEO. But if the definitions of the devices itself are vague then the analysis fails and it can become difficult to strategize. For this you need proper bifurcation of the traffic from all devices separately and then come up with the right SEO plans.

    There are different tools available online to measure the traffic data and source. But in case of mobiles, there are no such tools to support. That proves a major obstacle in coming up with the accurate projection.

    Optimizing your website for mobile screens is a big challenge as the screen sizes differ a lot. Various feature phones have various screen sizes; so to come up with a standard design for the website page that can be viewed easily on all screens is an issue that webmasters are grappling with.

    With the dominance of mobiles as search devices, mobile SEO is a must. Find a way to get past the above mentioned obstacles and see your website scoring high on the search engine results on the desktops as well as the results on the handheld devices.

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