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  • Using Different Formatting Styles To Improve Keyword Strength

    We hear a great deal about the importance of keyword density in the website content frequently. This is part of on-page optimization strategy. You can go one step further with this on-page optimization strategy and improve or enhance the effectiveness of your keywords in your web page content. Not many people are aware of this important aspect of on-page SEO. Search engines look for such indicators in your web page content to decide which are the most important keywords and what the page is all about. By giving enough cues to the search engines, you will be able to improve the effectiveness of your top keywords in the content.

    Some of the most common ways to format your web content are discussed below. Try to create number of headings while creating your website copy. Most importantly, these headings should include your top keywords. When you create headings put them under H1 tags and also make the font bold. Try to create as many sub headings as possible within the content and your subheadings too should have the top keywords. When you hire a copywriter or a content writer to create your website’s content tell them your preferences. Explain clearly the need to have headings and sub headings in your web page content. Also talk to them about your keyword density requirements in the headings and subheadings.

    It will work out well if you hire a content writer that has good SEO background. There are number of SEO companies that also offer website content writing services. You will also be able to avail yourself this service from SubmitEdge. Hiring SEO companies to create your website content will make the process much easier as your SEO company will not have any difficulty in understanding your special requirements.

    Within the content you will be including the top keywords and try to present those keywords in bold font or underline them. You can also use your top keywords to create internal links for your website. Linking your inner pages with one another using the top keywords as the hyperlink text has proven to be highly effective in terms of boosting the keyword strength.

    However, you need remember not to over do this aspect of on-page optimization. Whatever you do should blend well with the website design and content. It must not stand out odd. Your users will also be assessing your website in terms of quality of presentation in your website. Therefore, in an effort to make your website search engine friendly, you should not make it unfriendly to your users. Google emphasizes this factor very strongly. This search giant does not want websites to lose their quality to make themselves appealing to the search engines. There is no point in driving traffic to your website if you cannot impress that traffic.

    You will also be able to learn from other websites. Look for top ranking websites in your niche and review how they have presented the content in their website and this will help you refine your web page’s content.

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