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  • Tips on Improving Alexa Ranking

    Alexa ranking is something similar to Google ranking but it evaluates a website based on the number of visitors it has. Alexa ranks websites using its toolbar (Alexa Toolbar) which is free for download. Alexa ranking would really make sense to those who have their website space available for advertisement. This is because many advertisers who look for good websites to have their advertisements published look for the Alexa ranking as this would give them an idea of approximately how many people would be looking at their advertisement.

    As we can see how important a role the Alexa ranking plays, it is important to have the website’s Alexa ranking improved in order to get the utmost benefit out of the website. Counting the number of visitors to your website can be made much simple by just having Alexa widget installed in the website. This would ensure that every visit to your website gets counted. At one time webmasters were advised to use Alexa redirects as they seemed to have positive effects on the Alexa ranking however when you use Alexa redirects now, you will only get 404 error. So better keep away from Alexa redirects.

    Requesting visitors to your website to have Alexa Toolbar installed would also help and have the visitors log updated automatically thereby increasing the Alexa ranking. The lower the number of Alexa ranking, the greater the traffic to the website. The Alexa ranking most preferred by advertisers is 100,000 or less than 100,000. Visitor’s positive feedback given about the website would also help in improving the Alexa ranking. This can be done by requesting the visitors to rate the website based on their experience. You can also have reviews about your website posted in top 100 Alexa rated websites and improve the Alexa ranking. Here, the redirection link should also be included in the website’s URL.

    Other tools of Alexa like traffic history, Alexa ranking button, information links and other similar counters can also be downloaded which would also help in improving the ranking. Though all these steps seem to be simple, they would have adverse effect on the Alexa ranking. If everything is done with perfection, there are sure chances of having the Alexa ranking improved. These changes would not only improve the Alexa ranking but would also have a great impact on the other search engines for having regularly updated web pages and a good amount of traffic. Other usual SEO procedures like submitting of articles in free directories would also help and improve the ranking. One can also purchase some advertisement space in popular search engines like Google and increase the chance of getting more visitors to the website.

    The above discussed procedures are proven strategies of improving Alexa ranking. These procedures are sure to improve the website’s position. Even if not, the website would have already started receiving more traffic which would be a partial success to the website. This traffic would at least to some percentage add on to the number of sales thereby promoting the business to the next level.

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