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  • Teaching Copywriters SEO

    Teaching Copywriters SEO

    A content development team is necessary to populate larger websites with optimized text that will increase usability, link ability and crawlability. This team must often be trained to produce the kind of SEO content that is still useful to visitors and can give you not just clicks but conversions.

    Too many people get caught up in the SEO and forget that real people will be reading their content. Trading user experience for traffic is a poor deal. You might get more traffic in the short term but you end up with a site that has a lower conversion rate and is much less linkable, which will hurt your business over the long term.

    Your content should serve both goals. You can have usability and better SEO results providing you train your content team appropriately. They need to have a solid grasp of vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure as well as punctuation in order to produce readable content that grabs the attention of both the spiders and the visitors.

    You will have to train your writers in the use of keyword tools. Attempt to teach them to look at those tools as a form of communication between them and potential customers.
    Teach them to use keyword tools as writers, not SEOs or marketers. True writers want to create content that effectively communicates with the reader, and keyword tools can help them do that. It is infinitely easier to teach a writer SEO than it is to teach an SEO to write.

    Don’t stuff keywords, or simply say ’so much % density’ or some other formulaic presentation. Spend the time necessary and give examples, and you will have well trained writers who produce top notch content instead of churning out barely readable percentage optimized text by the webpage.

    Focus on content quality, proper use of keyword optimization, and a smooth read for engines and people alike. This will increase your conversion rate and improve the linkability of your site overall and your SEO results will follow. That is what it is all about – SEO isn’t the end all, it’s the means to the end – which is conversions, sales, and monetization of your site.

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