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  • SEO TIPS: What Does Your Copy-Writer Actually DO For You?

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    There are quite a few misconceptions about what a copywriter is actually responsible for providing an end user with. Providing copy is a given, but quite often, clients will expect their copywriter to deliver images, provide captions and tags, possibly upload the content to site and in some cases we’ve heard of clients that expected their copywriter to also be their social media manager. It is possible that your copywriter is capable of going all of that, and possibly even willing to do it for an extra fee, but those are not jobs that should be expected from a copywriter by default.

    As previously stated, providing SEO friendly article writing and web copy are just two of the jobs your copywriter will need to be able to handle. That is a given. There are at least half a dozen different writing styles which they will need to be proficient in to really make an impact for you. Not all copywriters are proficient to that degree meaning you may need multiple copywriters or you may have to accept that you are paying someone to learn of the fly. Make sure you know what you are getting or your money!

    You need a copywriter that can provide good SEO content.  That is actually all you should expect and we are going to tell you why. Your copywriter is someone that usually does one thing and does it very well which is writing. Understanding how to create content that is both appealing for the reader and equally satisfying for the search spiders. To do this, they stay on top of all algorithmic changes search engines throw their way and work toward making sure that when they deliver their product, it meets all of your needs.  They may even have to learn your niche – another task that takes time.

    Because of that, they often don’t have time to also do all the nice, but not covered processes you may think are a part of the package. Unless negotiated, you should not expect your copywriter to access your site, upload your content, tag it, provide images, format it and do all the other tasks needed to get it live and online. Again, they may agree to do it as an extra service, but it is not something that is a service by default. it all takes time and time is money.

    You also should not expect your copywriter to handle your social media needs, again, unless negotiated prior. We have seen a number of webmasters complaining that their copywriter did a lousy job of promoting their content and it irks us every time. The reason we take exception to this is that most copywriters are not also social media managers. because they generally specialize in writing alone, many are not as adept at working social networks as a professional, dedicated, SMM would be. Also, these webmasters with a gripe are not generally paying for promotion so it is hard to be a beggar and complainer.

    Additionally, unless your copywriter actually knows how to work in the back-end of your site, and understands how to properly do all the extras you may be asking for, you may be asking for trouble. It is possible that they could do damage to your site with no malice intended simply because it is not something they are adept at. That could lead to downtime, extra expenses and lost conversions because you wanted to try to cut some corners.

    The best way to avoid any unfortunate problems is to first talk to your copywriter and ask them if they can do the extras you require and then negotiate a pricepoint for doing them. if you don’t want to pay for those, you can do them yourself or work with an SEO or copy-writing firm that incorporates those services into their seo services pricing. Copywriters write. it is what they do. If you need more than that, contact a reputable SEO firm to handle your requirements.

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