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    SEO Guarantees

    SEO and the SEO industry as a whole is riddled with myths that at times can be so fanciful that we wonder how people can be so naïve to believe such exaggerated myths. Often, people readily believe such wild myths out of nothing more than desperation to fight the online competition. They are ready and willing to accept any reasoning and buy any service or product so  long as it promises them good PageRank and good SERP position. Some companies do take advantage of these desperate business owners which is both a shame and a reason that SEO myths live so long – unscrupulous SEOs are invested in them to do business.

    One of the major myths that never seems to die is that Meta Tags will work  magic for your website and make it rank high in search engines. Meta tags may have a small positive effect on SEO but they will not magically vault your website ranking to the top on their own. Furthermore, you cannot deceive the search engines by adding loads and loads of keywords in the Meta tags. It doesn’t work no matter how many fabricated testimonials say it does.

    The second myth centers on multiple submissions to search engines on regular basis. There are people who advocate that in order to keep the listing fresh in search engines you have to submit sites regularly to search engines – even after it is indexed! In all reality, you absolutely do not need to make multiple submissions to search engines. You actually don’t need to submit your website to search engines at all really. All that you need to do to get your site listed is to make a website that is already indexed to link to you from their website. At that point the spiders will crawl you and index the site.

    Search engine algorithms are devised so that the spiders follow the link whether you like it or not. You can block your site by voluntarily using robot.txt. If it is not blocked, your site will host the spiders to index you and depending on your site’s quality and other parameters, ranking will be assigned for your website. If at all any submission is required, then it is directory submissions and not search engine submission. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by anyone muddling the two together or telling you that you need a search engine submission service – it’s just not true!

    Guaranteed position in the top 10 results in Google in a short period for a highly competitive keyword phrase is another myth. No service can legitimately guarantee super fast results in top 10 slots of search engines as popular as Google for popular keyword phrases. While it is not an impossible feat, it would take a long time depending on the nature of the keyword. The keyword you get listed in important. Nearly anyone can get your site listed in top positions for some keyword phrases that are rarely used – that‘s hardly a big deal at all. The real challenge is getting top positions for competitive keywords and then remaining there. If a company offers you a guaranteed seo services, check and make sure it is in writing – like Submitedge offers. We research carefully and only guarantee placement when we know we can deliver within 6-12 months – and then we give you the guarantee in writing.

    There are number of other myths, which can be easily warded off by using a bit of common sense approach.

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