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  • Search Issues With Multilingual Sites

    Is your website targeting global visitors? Do your products and services go beyond boundaries? Then you need to be well prepared to take your website to the rest of the world and not limit your website and the potential of the website to just one language, for example just the English or just to the French audience.

    The next question that you are likely to get is how do you deal with the search issues and how to rank for top keywords in multiple language searches. The first step is to create an international site that will serve the appropriate pages to the users based on their IP and geographic location. Added to that you should also make sure to provide the option for the international users to surf your website in the preferred language by providing the language selection option in the homepage.

    Another important factor to take in to account is that you should make it a point to tell Google that it is a multilingual site or that it is an international site so that Google does not get confused with similar URLs. Make use of the “alternate” hreflang attribute correctly and without fail to save yourself from the risks of Google omitting your pages due to similar URL structure.

    You should also make it a point to get your website optimized by a local SEO expert. For example, if you are having your website in Spanish, French or German you need to get your website optimized for English because having your website in English will give you larger audience. When you want to drive traffic to your website for local searches, then your web pages have to be optimized for local keywords for which you pick a reliable vendor that specializes in offering SEO for English language websites. This is where many a times international websites make mistakes. They feel comfortable dealing with vendors that are available to them locally but the risk here is that they may not experts in offering SEO service in English. If you are running an international website and if you are planning to optimize your website for multilingual searches then get your experts based on their language specializations. This will certainly help you get better mileage for your investment.

    If you want to take your website to the next level then you should be prepared to take the required steps. You are required to take aggressive measures because the competition level is very high in every industry and you should match up to this competition in your industry. Dealing with companies that have local language know how will be one of the best ways to handle your needs on multilingual SEO needs. As long as you do not take time to address your needs here, you are going to find it really challenging to drive traffic to your international websites. The best part here is that your multilingual SEO efforts can take place simultaneously and will also yield simultaneous results.


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