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  • Making Your Domain Name Work For You

    Selecting a domain name is an art and if you have a good domain name for your business then you have crossed half the ocean. But what does a good domain name mean? Is it a fancy name that will fit your business? Is having the acronym of your business name good? The answers to all these questions depend on the frame of reference from which these questions are raised. For us now the frame of reference is SEO. How exactly do we select our domain names? Do domain names have any specific effects on the search engines? Do they help at all in any way?

    Yes, from experience I can say that your domain name plays a great role to enhance your website’s online performance. Have you ever visited a website that sells already registered websites? If you have visited one of these sites you will be surprised to see the cost of these domains which were registered originally for $8 or less. You an easily find domain names that cost $25,000! Are there people to buy such domain names and if there are people, why do they spend so much money? The answer is “Yes” there are people to spend so much money to buy these domain names. The reason being that these domain names are very niche specific and they will contain a keyword that are specific to that niche. By registering domain names with one or more keywords you make your entire website more search engine friendly. Rather than having fancy names that do not tell the search engines anything about your services or products, having a simple and straightforward domain name that tells what your website is all about will get you good results.

    If you select your website’s domain name very carefully with a keyword in it you can easily make yourself appear in the top positions of the search results in spite of heavy competition. I have seen even new websites that have thoughtfully selected domain names appear within top 10 positions of Google within a short period of time without any major optimization efforts such as strong link building. It is not an exaggeration, if you are still skeptic about what I am saying here. You don’t have to take my word for granted you just need to spend $20 to test this for yourself. You don’t have to pay that $20 to any one but to register your own domain and for hosting.

    I will vote for keyword specific domain names any day without any hesitation. Keyword specific domain name and an apt page title will work the magic. Sometimes you need to be little more creative to get the right domain name because people have already saturated all the niche markets possible and hardly any good domain names left. We certainly don’t want to pay thousands of dollars to for our domain name. Furthermore, it’s a theory of mine that if you have keyword specific domains and relevant content then your adsense ads too will be highly targeted. I haven’t tested this yet and if anyone has any info on this, do feel to post your comment.

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