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  • Link Building Secrets

    Link Building Secrets

    Without doubt,  link building is one of the best ways to get better rankings and drive organic traffic back to your site. That isn’t always feasible for everyone. There are several free strategies that you can use to help pick up some solid targeted traffic from sources other than the SERPs alone.

    – Article marketing. Mass article marketing will bring in bulk links A better, more refined strategy would be to concentrate on one or two of the more highly visible directories and produce some carefully keyword optimized, informational pieces which you can then promote for ranking on the SERPs independently. By doing this, you are now attracting a stream of secondary traffic via visitors who read the article and click through to your site. For this to work, top of the line copywriting is essential – cheap ‘SEO’ articles won’t deliver the thru traffic to your website.

    — Social networking. You need to establish a Facebook presence or acquire a Twitter following. Once you do that and  have a solid reputation there is a very good chance of attracting extremely focused, consumer driven traffic. This often means more conversions which is what we are all after. The same holds true for any socially driven site where people seek advice and information. Be careful though and kept the sales pitch ultra soft – social users hate the hard sell.

    — Videos. Video marketing just about the fastest growing method to create interest in your brand and bring in targeted consumers who are ready to spend. You can make videos yourself and put them on YouTube (several people have successfully built a brand and secured lucrative advertising deals there) or choose to pay for a targeted campaign run by a professional service.
    It is obviously cheaper to go the DIY route if you can produce something that is quality.

    — Forums. Try to become a driving force and voice of wisdom on a forum. This method is a terrific way to increase traffic to your site. Once you get other users saying ‘wow, that person really knows their stuff’ you can drive traffic where you want it.

    — Blogs. Offer to guest blog on prominent blogs in exchange for a link back. They get free content, you get your link and traffic. It’s that simple! (Of course, make sure you deliver only the best or you’ll never be asked back…). This isn’t always easy with high profile blogs, but don’t be afraid to ask and if necessary, start with smaller blogs, establish a name and work up the ladder.

    While paying for a good SEO campaign is the most sure way to create a solid sales funnel stream of predictable results, using the above mentioned tips to do a little work on your end to promote your site and get extra customers onto your landing pages.

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