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  • Is There A Sudden Drop In Your Website’s Google PageRank?

    images One of the factors that often make webmasters panic is the sudden drop in their Google PageRank. There could be various reasons why your website’s pagerank suddenly dropped. When your website’s pagerank drops it is an indicator that Google thinks that your website has violated its guidelines and in their view the credibility of your website has come down. Sudden drop in the pagerank of course have serious repercussions on your website’s performance. Your search engine ranking too will plummet when your website’s pagerank drops. You should therefore act immediately to resolve the scenario.

    You should take time to review what has gone wrong and what has caused the violations that resulted the drop of the pagerank. This can also happen if you have revamped your website recently. The revamped website might be violating Google’s quality guidelines. You should therefore take into account all possibilities so that you can resolve the issues without any delay.

    In case your website is selling back links or having paid links in your website that pass on PageRank then here is a very good reason for Google to drop your website from the search results. Google considers paid links as one of the serious offences. If your website is having paid links then the first thing that you should do is to remove those paid links from your website.

    Added to that if your links are found in websites that sell link then it can affect your website’s ranking. In such cases, you should use link disavow tool to tell Google to stop giving any credit to certain links that are pointing to your website. It is important to check your website thoroughly to see what has made Google to think that your website is not a credible website any longer.

    Furthermore, you should also keep yourself up to date as to the latest Google updates. Google continually makes changes to its search algorithm and ranking algorithm. Your website should therefore meet the latest changes. The latest changes implemented by Google could also be one of the reasons why your website’s pagerank has dropped suddenly.

    If you should find yourself in a disadvantaged position just because you do not have the required technical skills to understand the repercussions of the latest Google updates, you can partner with a reliable SEO company that can possibly review your website and provide you with the right solutions. This will ensure that your website is following all the Google search guidelines and protect your website from losing its ranking.

    All the efforts that you are taking should be in line with Google’s quality guidelines and that you should make use of only white hat SEO strategies. After understanding all the issues and correcting them, you can send a reconsideration request to Google so that they can review your website and restore the ranking of your website if things are back in shape. Do not panic and act impulsively to restore your ranking when you should experience a sudden drop in your website’s ranking because such an approach will make you commit more mistakes.

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