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  • Highlight your Business’ Strengths to Attract Search Engines

    You know that to gain a foothold online you need to appease the search engines. But before you try to woo the search engines, have you given a thought about which slot your business fits into. Which niche does your product or service belong to? It may seem like the first thing to do but sadly, not all businesses are able to classify themselves. It would help them a lot to identify their strengths and weaknesses so that they can focus on their strong points while working on converting their weak points into their strengths.
    Highlight your Business’ Strengths to Attract Search Engines
    You need to first identify what your business specialty is. For instance, yours might be a law firm dealing in all types of cases. But maybe your expertise lies in handling DUI cases. Your success rates may have been higher in such cases than in others. So you could highlight that as one of the strengths of your company. Similarly make a list of the different cases that your law firm has handled and study the success rate in each and that could be highlighted on your company website. Have exclusive sections dedicated to those and number of links leading to it.

    Focus on what sets you apart from the other law firms. Each may have their own niche but maybe you stand a strong chance as you have an internet presence and they may not be operating online. Some may have a website but may not have highlighted their strengths and so that may place you at a point of advantage. Yet others may have an excellent website but may be weak with their SEO skills. Study your competitors’ sites and try to arrive at a focal point for your website that is different from theirs.

    Identifying where you are lagging behind is also vital. The competing law firm may have already established themselves on a national level while you are just getting noticed at the local level. But that’s no reason to be disheartened. You just need to be patient and work hard on strengthening your local presence and start exploring about diversifying your business beyond the local shores. Work on your website from scratch if necessary but downplay your business weakness and focus on its strengths.

    As a businessman you need to understand and project what makes you different from others. You may have similar services but yet there maybe something that makes your service stand apart from the others. For example, maybe your turnaround time is quick and efficient; you could mention that. To do this, you need to study your competitor closely and identify how you are different from them in each aspect. What are they doing that you are not or what are you doing better than them? You need to present this in the best possible way to your customer for them to take notice.

    You need to first match up your competitors’ services atleast and then you can set about surpassing them. The customer needs to get that you are specialists in your field and no other firm can match up to you. Only that will make them choose you over others.

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