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  • Google Places Reviews to your Rescue

    Here is your one stop source to catch up on all that people are saying about your business on Google and across the web- Google introduces the reviews section as part of Google Places for Business. It is a great opportunity for the business owners to get customer feedback and even respond to it. Listing your company on the Google Places would be the best decision as it is bound to get your business the due recognition in its niche in your particular location. Various location based business like restaurants, plumbers and so on can benefit a lot from this listing as their chances of connecting with relevant customers increase.
    Google Places Reviews
    Having your business listed on Google Places opens up myriad of opportunities for you. It is easier now for you to present your website to your niche customers. Give the complete information such that needy clients can find you easily. It is also a platform for your customers to rate and review your business. You can find out what customers think about your business and what is being said elsewhere on the web about your business. This will help you build up on your clientele.

    The option of reviews gives you an opportunity to judge where you stand where customer satisfaction is concerned. The feedback will help you to work on your strong points and rectify any flaws. Through Google Places you can give updated information on your location and business details to reach out to those customers who are looking for you. Having good reviews about you will give you that added advantage as people respond positively to word of mouth recommendation. Having the reviews right there lends the transparency to your business that is highly appreciated by customers.

    As a consumer, this is an opportunity to make yourself heard. Leave a feedback for others about the business or their product. All you need to do is go to the particular page, and click on the Add a review option and type in your comment and rate the business. Yes, it’s as simple as that. Having a gmail account is an added advantage as it makes things easier as no verifications will be needed and so your time is not wasted. Ensure that your feedback is informative and even if you are leaving a negative remark, it should be done responsibly, in good taste. Google will find a place for honest reviews, written in good English. Any review that is inappropriate or badly worded will be removed.

    Use this new feature to your advantage and set your cash registers ringing…

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