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  • Factors to Take Into Consideration While Engaging In Reciprocal Link Exchange

    While social book markings are replacing reciprocal link exchanges, it is still a valid approach to build your site’s online credibility. If you opt to use reciprocal link exchange, there are some crucial factors that you need to pay attention to in

    order to maximize the benefits of your link exchange efforts.

    First of all, you should be mindful of the nature of websites linking to you. It is not use connecting to a website that talks about cars when your website is about weight loss. Relevance is highly crucial. Secondly, the page rank of the connecting website and also the page rank of the linking page. Often the page rank of the inner pages will be lower than the page rank of the homepage. So if you can have your website’s link placed in a higher pagerank page, it is all the more better and that is what you should aim at while engaging in reciprocal link exchange.

    Don’t send random linking text to your link partner to place in their website. Check with them in which page you link will be placed and develop the anchor text based on the linking page. You can maximize the effect of your link several times if your anchor text and the title tag of the partner site’s linking page are the same. That is why you should link to a website that is relevant to your website. You can always come up with anchor text that matches the page title of the linking page; so choose your linking partners very carefully if at all you want to benefit from your link exchanges.

    Don’t exchange links with websites that have too many outgoing links on the page where your link will be placed. Lesser the number of links the better. If the linking site has hundreds of links on the same page then your website may be penalized by the search engines for getting links from link farms though the linking site is not actually a link farm.

    Check whether your link partner is well linked; check for the number of links they have for their websites.

    When you are exchanging links with multiple sites see that you secure your links from as many different IPs as possible. If you get several links from a website owner who has several sites hosted in the same server and links to your website from all those websites then it will look as if it is an artificial network to boost the number of links.

    These are some of the factors that you need to take into consideration to get the maximum benefit of the links you are getting. Not many webmasters are aware of the benefits of paying attention to the finer details mentioned above and that is what will differentiate your site from the site that is ranking #1.

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