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  • Effective SEO Strategies – The Past, Present and Future and How It Affects

    As a business owner, you are sure to look for the latest and updated SEO strategies every now and then. You surely want to be updated with the latest algorithm and if possible be a step ahead. Not many know the SEO strategies you use today for the benefit of your business will be the same ones that will have you under the knife by the penalties by the algorithm.

    The Past, Present and Future and How It Affects

    It is believed that the past is the best teacher and you should surely remember them to ensure you do not repeat it. If you do not want your past experience to appear again, you should surely learn from the SEO strategies that you used in the past which might prove fatal today!

    Buying Of Link


    Before Google was introduced to determine the page ranking, search engines mainly depended on on-page optimization. When Google came around, it introduced links as part of the algorithm. However, it surely made sense as adding great keywords would surely help you rank high in search engines. But, companies started to optimize a number of things to get traffic. Google realized its mistake later on.


    In the year 2012, Google introduced Penguin algorithm. It was specifically designed for link building. A person is penalized for paying for the links. Search engines look for ways in order to earn links. This made link buying as a closed aspect. Do you really know that search engines can make out whether or not the links are bought? Well, there are certain signs that show!


    If you want to buy links, ensure you are doing so only for advertising. You are advised to add a un-follow tag on the bought link. This actually works in your favor as it helps in getting desired traffic without controlling on the algorithm.

    Keyword Centric Pages


    SEO mainly focuses on optimizing content in order to rank for keywords. You were asked only to focus on a single keyword per page. Well, keyword density is surely dead by now, keywords are needed to get attention.


    Google introduced the Hummingbird update it speaks about not the keywords but the ideas that are represented by it. In simple words, it is not the keywords, but the topic that helps in getting high ranking


    In future do you think keyword optimization is needed? The answer is surely no! Content optimization plays a prominent role than keywords. If you are selling a moisturizing cream, instead of only selling it, you can talk about its benefits, how to choose the moisturizer cream, benefits, types of moisturizer cream for skin types and so on. When a visitors uses “moisturizer” and “cream” word, it does not alone focus on selling the cream. Instead, you are focusing on its benefits, functions, choosing process and more. Focusing on the topic alone helps in offering great content for visitors.



    It is quite an old mantra that is still followed is, Content is King. It is vital for the content to be crisp and informative. It is quite hard to see a site without any content. Till you have great content for your site, you are sure to get a lot of traffic.


    Though Content surely rules the internet world, many sites post content for ranking purpose alone. However, the visitors did not find any content valuable. This made Google introduce the Penguin Update that targeted sites with no so good content. This made many of the sites go down in terms of ranking because of bad content. Search engines ensured the content posted is of high quality.


    It is often of the view that more the content you offer the better. However, it is not the volume of content that speaks, but the quality does. Ensure the content posted is worth reading and offers information. Instead of writing plain content with no information and posting 10 articles, invest the same time to produce one article with unique and informative content.

    These are some of the SEO strategies used by web owners and these are the same strategies that might prove fatal to you in the future. However, not all, but some. Do not look for innovative strategies but effective ones.

One thought on “Effective SEO Strategies – The Past, Present and Future and How It Affects”

  1. Jim Wayne says:

    That’s right, it is not the quantity that matters when it comes to content marketing, it’s the quality. When you have evergreen content, and you do right social promotion, you can really drive more traffic. Increase in traffic can also leads to higher ranking on SERP.

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