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  • All That You Wanted To Know About Domain Authority

    Domain Authority is the means to gauge a website’s trustworthiness and popularity. On lines of Googlerank and Alexarank, this DA, as it is popularly known as, is calculated by SEOmoz. Higher the Domain Authority, higher is the visibility on the search engines. With Googlerank and Alexarank becoming dormant, webmasters had to have a scale to measure a website’s credibility; that is how Domain Authority came into being.

    domain-authority-google To determine the DA of a website, the factors taken into consideration are –

    • How long has the site been existent- The longer the age of the site, the more is its credibility. A site which has been active for a year or more is definitely more trustworthy than a site that was launched just a month back.

    • How big is the site- Obviously, the higher the no. of pages of a site, the more will be the no. of inbound links. Consequently, it says a lot about the popularity of the site.

    • And the most important, How popular is it- Nothing much needs to be said about this. The Domain Authority score of a popular site will be definitely more than its counterparts that are not so lucky.

    Now this brings us to the question, what can be done to increase the Domain Authority of a website?

    • First and foremost, the popularity of a site totally relies on the quality content displayed on it. So relevant, topical and informative content added to the site, without overlooking the quality of it will boost the viewership of your site considerably. This should happen on a consistent basis.

    • Being active on the social sites will ease up your task. A socially visible site will rank high on its score of Domain Authority. So pay more attention to the tweets, posts, in short, the online visibility of your site on the social media.

    • SEO cannot be negated. Strong and natural links will determine the scoring of a site with regards to Domain Authority. So garner more links ethically to up your site on the popularity scale.

    A smart webmaster would concentrate on the quality of the site rather than running behind the numbers. That is bound to come with the popularity of the site. In conclusion, focusing on providing good readable information and content will in the long term increase the Domain Authority score of the site.


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