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  • SEO TIPS: Why You Need an SEO Writer, Part 2

    Here’s the rest of the reasons why you need an SEO copywriter!

    FORUM POSTING: Forum posting is a different animal entirely and not all copywriters are particularly good at it. You’ll need to make sure you have the right fit before going this route. Posting to forums requires an adept feel for the trend of the conversation, and the ability to subtly market without being looked on as a spammer by other forum participants.

    This is not particularly easy and it can be very time consuming to spend the time and effort to get a good reputation where marketing is possible when done subtly. The product and service should be presented obliquely, with the main thrust of posts being informative and advisory, with the door left open for readers to approach for more information from the ‘expert’. The ability to interact naturally is a huge plus. Again, make sure you have the right person for this job if you choose to try this route.

    PRODUCT REVIEWS: This is yet another avenue that some webmasters like to go, but again it can be quite tricky. Your copywriter needs the ability to write a convincing, realistic product review in order to help you. This is especially true on a blog if you appear to take a fair-minded approach to other competitors in the industry. Only the best can do a side by side comparison that promotes product A against product B without appearing biased. You can also influence people to shop your affiliates with well placed product reviews on other sites – but this isn’t always easy either. These should be clean, analytical, and formatted for easy reading and comparison. Don’t appear spammy!

    ARTICLE WRITING: Many website owners commission hundreds of ‘SEO articles’ to be written for distribution to article directories. This really doesn’t work anywhere near as well as it used to – you’ve been advised! The game has changed in regards to this, but if you want to give it a whirl anyway, stop a minute and think how you look to readers. A link from an article directory is a good thing, but ALL content on the web connected to your business should be of the highest quality. A good SEO copywriter can write one article then take each paragraph and turn it into a stand alone article, then rewrite each individual article one or more times for high quality, optimized content that won’t get you hit with a duplicate content penalty or looked on as an amateur for poor writing quality! You have to want the link really bad to go this route.

    PRESS RELEASES: Press releases are a favorite because they are effective and when written and timed correctly for release can be like catching and then releasing lightning in a bottle. These should be keyword optimized, formatted according to your PR distributor’s guidelines, and the content must be presented as newsworthy. This is the ultimate key – if you can’t spin it as news, it’s going nowhere fast. Most press release sites are very strict about the quality of the press release submitted, and reject anything that smacks of advertising. This is where experience counts and it is worth the cost to go with someone that has a solid track record.

    Like real estate is all about location, the web is all about content. SEO friendly content needs to be a primary your primary concern, especially in the early stages of your website if you hope to compete with larger, older, more established online companies. Start right and you can run a strong race and make some headway. Cut corners on your content and you will be running uphill each day.


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