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  • Keeping An Eye On Your Backlink Profile

    If your website is in a highly competitive niche and if you are trying to put up a very strong fight against the online competition, it is not enough to just stop with building your links and with search engine marketing. You are also required to keep an eye on your backlinks profile. What do we mean by this and why is it important? By backlinks profile, we mean the nature of the back links that point to your website. At any given point of time you should have a clear understanding of what type of websites are linking to you and who is linking to your business. This becomes important because many websites in the high competition niches today complain about their competitors damaging their website’s reputation by sending negative links or through negative SEO.

    Negative SEO is doing something to hurt the search engine ranking of one’s competitors’ websites. This may include linking competitor websites to low quality pages or to websites in restricted niches that will make Google to take down the website from the search results or push down the website in the search results. So do not be too happy when your links count increase thinking that lots of people like your website and hence they are linking to your website, it may not be the case. You cannot afford to be too naïve when it comes to fighting your online competition.

    Regularly track your links and see what sorts of websites or web pages are linking to your website. If you see anything suspicious or if you see that your website is getting links from niches that can possibly damage your website’s reputation then you can do two things. One is to contact the websites to remove your links or to make use of the disavow links tool from Google.

    You can tell Google which links to ignore through the use of disavow links tool. However, this will work only with Google but certain links may be damaging your website’s reputation in the other search engines as well. So along with using disavow links tool you should also get in touch with the linking websites to bring down as many negative links as possible so that your website has a very clean backlinks profile.

    Not all backlinks are treated by the search engines and especially search engines like Google have very advanced algorithms to assess the back links. It is your responsibility therefore to keep a close watch of the backlinks if you want to have a good ranking profile. On the one hand, you should very carefully improve your links count and on the other hand, you should make sure that all the links pointing to your website are healthy links. Google knows that you do not have total control on who connects to your website and that is why there is disavow links tool from Google to tell the search engine that you are not up to any mischief.

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