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Will I be able to promote all types of topics, products and services or are there any restrictions on the topic that I could promote?

You will be able to promote just about any topic except for the following topics and niches. Press releases on the below niches will not be approved by the editorial boards as they have very strict guidelines against the below listed niches or topics and all the niches that are related to them. The below list may not be exhaustive so it is best to check with us directly on the specific niches that you would like to promote.

  • All adult sites including – Pornography, Dating Services, Escort Services.
  • All betting and gambling niches including casino sites.
  • Content that instigates people based on ethnicity, race, religion, politics, language and other such areas that divide people.
  • Academic writing services including essay writing services.
  • Unconventional currencies such as bitcoins and cryptocurrency.
  • Anything to do with promotional offers and discounts.
  • Restricted drugs, body building supplements, weight loss supplements.
  • Online money making themes.
  • Loans, mortgages and other similar financial services.
  • Online video streaming services.
  • Hacking services.
  • Lawsuit and defamation related topics.
  • Electronic cigarettes and vaping devices.
  • Promotion of social media profiles.
Featured Press Release Service
High Authority Sites Domain Authority (DA) Duration (Days) Price Order
Reuters.com 95 30 $799 BUY NOW
Finance.yahoo.com 93 30 $699 BUY NOW
Marketwatch.com 92 30 $499 BUY NOW
Morningstar.com 88 30 $699 BUY NOW

Is it possible to make changes to the press release article that I submit?

It is possible to make changes to the press release articles as long as it is not sent for distribution. Once the articles are sent out for distribution to the news centers and/or published it is not possible to make any changes.

You have regular press release service and also featured press release distribution service. How are these two services different from each other?

When you choose our regular press release distribution service we distribute the press release article which is ten syndicated to hundreds of newsrooms. When you choose our featured press release distribution service we will submit the press release to Reuters.com, MarketWatch.com, Yahoo Finance and Morning star. One of the greatest advantage with our featured press release distribution service is you will get high DA do-follow links unlike the regular press release distribution service where all the links you get are no-follow links.

There is another significant difference between the two types of press release distribution services. With the regular press release distribution services the life span of the press release article will be very limited. They will remain alive for a maximum of 30 to 60 days before they are deleted or removed by the newsrooms. With our featured press release distribution service the press releases distributed will not be removed but will be live forever and they are permanent. In other words, they will continue to send traffic to your website.

Will I get any back link benefit from your featured press release distribution service?

The links you get from our featured press release service are do-follow links. They will have a significant value to your website.

Totally how many links can be added per press release?

You can submit a maximum of two backlinks per press release article.