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SWISSARMY365 wished to build a grand reputation based on their equally grand range of products. Considering the extensiveness of their product listing, it was important to feature high quality content across various submission mediums. More importantly, there was a need to promote their facilities across as many popular, interactive avenues as possible. Monthly SEO Campaign seemed a perfect proposition to enhance the brand reputation of the company.


Monthly SEO Campaign was primarily conceived to meet with the standards of every upcoming Google Panda update. Modifications imposed by Google make link building an extremely challenging practice for webmasters. Strategies for link building need to adhere to the latest updates, which immediately make preceding updates obsolete. Complying with current standards of Panda is a necessary measure to improve website rankings on Google.

Submitedge keeps pace with these updates to ensure that their client remains on the top of the search engine rankings.


SWISSARMY365 needed to channelize its SEO practices across relevant platforms for establishing a strong online presence. Posting on interactive forums and open ended blogging platforms were a big no as per Google standards. It was important to steer focus towards resourceful mediums of submission such as Web 2.0 Properties using which, submissions for Article Listing and Niche Blogs were forwarded. High quality back links were built across High PR mediums to boost online ranking for top keyword search. Targeted marketing was modeled based on a natural pattern of establishing links across platforms considered acceptable by Google.

Submitedge engaged a team of research experts and writers to produce high quality content for publishing across the recommended mediums. The team with its in-house research facility assisted in implementing comprehensive strategies for keyword use, content creation, and quality submissions. Relevant and impactful content was published through approved mediums of submission such as Article Listing, Web 2.0 Creation, Social Bookmarking, Niche Blog Posting, and Unique Content Creation. SWISSARMY365 was free to customize the plan according to their requirements.


Google Panda compliant strategies made a remarkable difference in their rankings in Google. Monthly SEO Campaign set a standard for the company, making it a notch higher from those catering to open sourced interactive forums and blog posting for better visibility.


Keyword 23rd April 2013 8th May 2013
Swiss Army Knives Not in top 100 69
Swiss Army Knives UK Not in top 100 48
Victorinox Penknives Not in top 100 48
Victorinox Penknives UK Not in top 100 22
Victorinox Swiss Army Knives Not in top 100 42
Victorinox Swiss Army Knives UK Not in top 100 38
Wenger Penknives Not in top 100 52
Wenger Penknives UK Not in top 100 6
Wenger Swiss Army Knives Not in top 100 38
Wenger Swiss Army Knives UK Not in top 100 24
Swiss Army Knife Not in top 100 Not in top 100
Swiss Army Knife UK Not in top 100 46
Engraved Swiss Army Knives Not in top 100 11