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We have already gone on a great length to discuss about the importance of keywords and various aspects of keywords. In the keywords series, it is apt to discuss another important aspect that is the difference between primary keywords and secondary keywords. Rather than defining what are primary keywords and secondary keywords let us try to get the bigger picture first and then try to understand the dynamics of these two types of keywords. What you need to remember here is that you cannot stamp certain keywords as primary keywords and others as secondary, everything is relative and it depends on the context. You cannot blindly list few keywords as primary and others as secondary keywords. Look for an SEO expert or full service SEO service provider that offers keyword analysis service that will take into account both primary keywords and secondary keywords. You will have to discuss with your SEO company or SEO service provider to ensure that your keyword report contains keywords that will drive adequate traffic to your website.


For every niche and every business there will be niche specific keywords. For instance for the web design industry we can consider keywords such as website design, web design, web designing, web designer, etc., can be considered primary keywords. Given the competition level in the web design industry, getting to top ten positions for such keywords can be very difficult. It will take a lot of time and efforts to get top ranking for such high competition keywords. If you were to wait for these keywords to drive traffic to your website organically, you will be waiting for a long time without any traffic. What you need to understand is that internet users use various keyword strings to look for the information they need. Internet users searching for web design services do not stop with the above keywords; there are other important keywords which have lesser competition. Identifying such keywords you will still be able to drive significant amount of traffic to your website. Look for such keywords so that you can drive traffic to your website even as you are waiting for the traffic for your primary keywords.


Secondary keywords for the above niche can be keywords such as “website designing + (geographic quantifier)”, “website design service provider + (geographic quantifier)” and other similar keywords. When you are making your keyword analysis, you will have to have the best blend of both primary keywords and secondary keywords. This will ensure that your website gets adequate online visibility and traffic.


You will have to make sure that the SEO company you approach for your keywords analysis provides you with the complete list of keywords which includes both primary keywords and secondary keywords. Always work with experienced SEO company or SEO services provider with credible standing in the industry so that they offer you manual keywords analysis and provide you with the most dependable keywords report that you can use for your SEO campaigns.