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The targeted audience for TATTOOISM was mainly local. For this, local SEO campaigning was suggested by Submitedge. Submission of relevant content was only a part of the bigger picture. It was even more important to ensure that their submissions were indeed being acknowledged by Google and other competing search engines. For converting higher leads locally, citing the business was really important. This recommendation increased the footfalls of the local store greatly towards the end of the campaign.


Local SEO Service includes, but is not limited to citing the concerned business within the NAP (Name Address Phone Number) format. For search engines to detect information specific to the services of TATTOOISM, Local submissions were most recommended. This is a standard procedure for data collection used by authoritative government bodies as well.


Getting featured on multiple local directories was the best strategy proposed by Submitedge. Local SEO Service was bound to function in favor of TATTOOISM provided the NAP information submitted by them was precise and accurate. Teaming up with leading local references was one of the key implementations used. The primary aim was to amass as many relevant and popular local citations as possible to increase the brand value and subsequent online web presence of the company.

The best sources were roped in to build up on the local listing to ensure that Google and other competing search engines acknowledged and ranked the services unique to the company.

Submitedge stressed on submitting relevant information for the purpose. Apart from basic NAP information, care was taken to submit proper data including the landing page for the location, email address as additional contact information, logo URL, Facebook URL, Twitter Handle, and Location Page Link. Providing advanced information was key to building the unique identity of TATTOOISM and in order to make it a standalone company amongst competing local services cited online.


Citing advanced references accentuated the brand value and recognition of the company in its locality. Local SEO campaigning was well complemented by local building service, which eventually lead to increased footfalls at the company's physical location. Improved page rankings automatically converted to increased leads.


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