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Smokeybarn was very specific about its budget requirements for SEO. Having witnessed poor results for the same from a different service, the company was reluctant to invest in services that offered no prior guarantee. Months of link building went kaput when the company failed to make it even to the top 30 in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. At that moment, Pay For Performance SEO was the best suited option to go for and Submitedge was the perfect internet marketing company to approach for the purpose.


Pay For Performance SEO is a culmination of comprehensive SEO strategies that require payment for optimum performance alone. If the company did not perform well towards the end of the campaign, the payment for the services would be waivered as per Submitedge policies. The principled approach towards SEO marketing appealed to smokeybarn and services under the plan were immediately put to action. Submitedge began by evaluating the current status of the company and compared it to the anticipated results post campaigning to determine the amount of strategizing involved to bring about the desired result. It was pre-determined, as mentioned earlier, that smokeybarn would pay only after six months of campaigning, that too if the website featured on the top 30 rankings in competing search engines.


Submitedge charged the service as per the number of keywords used. The performance of the website was assessed based on the responsiveness of the cited keywords. Smokeybarn had the choice to select as many keywords as they wished to for the purpose of optimization. Top three search engines were targeted for optimization and the main targets were Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

The process was completely ethical and transparent and involved no hidden costs. Ultimately, smokeybarn paid only after it experienced a drastic improvement in terms of ranking and visibility. The strategies implemented were compliant to the latest Panda and Penguin Updates released by Google. This guaranteed adherence to industry standards while optimizing keywords for increasing web traffic.


The SEO goals were achievable with the use of proper tools and techniques. The Pay For Performance SEO plan truly boosted the performance of the website towards the end of six months. The company later on went for extended services within the same plan for a reduced price.

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